General Bureau of Sovereignty, Borders and Antartic Affairs

Bureau of Air and Space Affairs

The Bureau of Air and Space Affairs is the section responsible for the advancement and defence of Peruvian interests in matters related to commercial air travel and extraterrestrial space. Among other functions, it is in charge of:

• negotiating international agreements on air and space affairs, and cooperating with the enforcement of such agreements,

• promoting and participating in activities to consolidate exclusive sovereignty over national airspace,

• promoting protection policies concerning airspace and extraterrestrial space within a bilateral and multilateral context, and

• processing overflight and landing permits of national and foreign aircraft.

Bureau of Maritime Affairs

The Bureau of Maritime Affairs is the section responsible for safeguarding the rights and interests of Peru in its maritime jurisdiction, and promoting the sustainable use and development of maritime resources.

In a multilateral scope, the Bureau is involved with many organizations such as the International Maritime Organization. Furthermore, through the Peru Permanent Mission to the United Nations, the Bureau participates in diverse forums and initiatives concerning Law of the Sea.

Bureau of Antarctic Affairs

Peru adhered to the Antarctic Treaty in 1981 and issued its first National Antarctic Policy in 1987, which was updated by Executive Order in 2014 to consider the necessity of strengthening the presence of Peru in the Antarctic continent. Peru currently has the responsibility of managing Antarctica, alongside 28 other countries.

The first Peruvian expedition, ANTAR I, was carried out in 1988, and a year later, the Machu Picchu Antarctic Scientific Station was built, materializing our national presence in the Antarctic continent. Currently, during the austral summer of every year, ANTAR campaigns are carried out to produce research in the region. Additionally, beginning in 2017, Peru will have the presence of BAP Carrasca, a vessel with the most modern polar capacity in the world.

Bureau of Borders

The Bureau of Borders is the section responsible for the planning and execution of Foreign Policy related to the preservation and exercise of sovereignty and territorial integrity rights. The Bureau is also in charge of enforcing border treaties and promoting knowledge and respect of the Peruvian borders.

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