Economic Affairs​

1. Global Economic Affairs


Peruvian participation in the OECD constitutes an opportunity for the exchange of experiences and good practices in management and public policies that allow us to strengthen our institutionalism, guarantee long-run growth, reduce inequality gaps and consolidate our development. Within the framework of this vision, Peru requested its entry on 26th November, 2012. From this, the OECD proposed the implementation of a biennial Country Program, in order to identify obstacles to development and, consequently, to obtain recommendations that guide the design of more effective public policies. In that sense, on 8th December 2014, the Memorandum of Understanding consisting of Country Program 2015-2016 was signed, consisting of 50 actions plus a coordination mechanism, which are promoted by the Multisectoral Commission under the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The successful implementation of the Country Program has been recognized by the OECD and its Member States.

Bilateral economic and trade negotiations

Trade negotiations constitute a central measure for Peru's insertion on the global stage in order to achieve economic growth and development, social inclusion and poverty reduction. Currently, more than 94% of Peruvian exports are covered by current Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). These are valuable tools for attracting foreign direct investment, boosting business productivity, facilitating the transfer of technologies and encouraging the modernization of processes towards international standards. As of October 2016, Peru count on 18 FTAs involving 52 countries. Also, 3 bilateral and plurilateral agreements have been signed, in the process of entry into force, comprising 7 new trading partners. On the other hand, 4 bilateral trade agreements with Turkey, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Cuba are in negotiation. And negotiations are expected to begin soon for signing deals with India and Indonesia.

The World Trade Organization (WTO)

The WTO is the only international organization which regulates the rules governing trade between countries at the multilateral level. It promotes the reduction or elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade, in order to improve the well-being of the population of the member countries. In this regard, Peru assigns high priority to international trade as a key tool for development. Since January 1995, our country has been part of the WTO through the signing of the Marrakesh Agreement, along with 160 other countries. It should also be noted that Peru has been an active participant in the multilateral trading system since 1951, when it became a contracting party to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). It also participated in the Uruguay Round negotiations (1986-1994).

2. Projection and regional integration

Regional integration is considered by Peru as a duty and a State policy with the purpose of promoting a proper insertion of the country in the world and international markets through a close link between external action and national development priorities. In this context, since the beginning of the 1960s, Peru has been promoting open regionalism and pragmatism in its bilateral, multilateral and global relations, seeking to strengthen national economic and productive capacity and improve our position and international insertion. Thus, Peru is part of CAN (1969), ACAC (1978), ALADI (1980), APEC (1998), MERCOSUR (2003), UNASUR (2008), CELAC (2011), Pacific Alliance (2011).

3. International Cooperation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the governing body in international cooperation and, in a complementary and coordinated way, the Peruvian Agency for International Cooperation (APCI) is the executing arm of international technical cooperation.

The International Cooperation is a valuable instrument of the Foreign Policy of Peru, in support to the integral development of the country. In that sense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promotes an active role of Peru in the international cooperation system and works to strengthen traditional mechanisms for development assistance, promote South-South and Triangular Cooperation, and promote partnerships with multiple actors for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

4. Science, Technology, Innovation, Energy and the Information Society

Since 2011, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru has a Directorate dedicated to the development of science, technology, innovation, energy and the information society (DCT), which depends on the Directorate-General for Economic Affairs. Its creation coincides with the definition of a State policy that prioritizes the theme and strengthens the national governing bodies. Likewise, it corresponds to an international trend through which foreign policy agendas incorporate a development vision based on scientific knowledge and training. In addition, another area of great interest in foreign policy is the Information Society and the development of communications technologies, considered as a key element in the development of science and technology, and transversal to practically all expressions of socio-economic development in Peru.

International cooperation, science and technology

International Cooperation

Its mission is to attract international cooperation in favour of the Peruvian people, and support in the reduction of poverty and overcoming of social exclusion and inequality through the increase of human capacities and equitable access to development opportunities.

It supports the implementation of the agenda on Aid Effectiveness and monitors compliance with the commitments made by Peru as a result of its adherence to the Paris Declaration in 2006.

It also aims to increase the leadership of Peru in the system of international cooperation and strengthen instruments of cooperation that are complementary to the traditional mechanism of AOD.

Furthermore, it coordinates the Disaster Risk Management and is in charge of humanitarian and medical missions, as well as foreign donations.

Science and technology

Its mission is to obtain state-of-the-art technology available in other countries and transfer it to Peru, as well as to promote access to international sources of knowledge and its diffusion through the Peruvian territory.

To meet these goals, it encourages the signing of scientific and technological cooperation agreements with countries in the region and the rest of the world.

With regards to energy, it seeks to establish the Peruvian position in the region through the promotion of energetic and electrical integration in the Andes.

Directorate General for Economic Promotion

The Directorate General for Economic Promotion is the responsible body responsible for implementing foreign policy actions to promote trade, investment and tourism, in coordination with the competent public and private sectors.

The primary endeavor of the DPE is to coordinate with the Peruvian representations abroad, the promotion of Peru as a competent country to provide goods and services in international markets, in addition to positioning it as a recognized tourist destination worldwide and a country of interesting opportunities for business and investment in different economic sectors.

The DPE is made up of the following Directorates:

• Directorate for Commercial Promotion Office

• Directorate for Investment Promotion

• Directorate for Tourism Promotion

Quality Management - Quality policy

The General Directorate of Economic Promotion is committed to execute the foreign policy actions through the services offered in the areas of commerce, tourism and investments, according to the needs and expectations of the clients, maintaining the highest quality standards in the processes, conducted by the competent personnel and dedicated to the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

Contact information

Phone: (511) 204-3361

Directorate for Commercial Promotion

It is the area in charge of promoting the commercial interests of the country abroad, promoting exports of national goods and services, as well as the identification and expansion of external markets.

Our services

Dissemination of the exportable offer:

Information on the offer of products for export presented by request by both individual companies and trade associations and other institutions is disseminated by the commercial economic sections of Peru abroad.

Diffusion of Commercial Opportunities:

Requests for information on the Peruvian exportable offer presented by foreign customers, as well as the commercial opportunities identified by Peruvian economic sections abroad, are disseminated to industry guilds of the sector and other national public and private institutions.

Holding of Commercial Events:

The General Directorate of Economic Promotion, in coordination with public and private institutions, both nationally and internationally, regularly performs events and seminars that help strengthen the export effort.

Support to the Exporter in the Trade Impact Solution:

Support is provided for the solution of commercial impasses at the request of Peruvian companies affected in exporting activities by companies abroad.

Support to Commercial Missions:

The Directorate General for Economic Promotion, through its Directorate for Trade Promotion, provides the support service for both domestic and foreign trade missions, which includes the preparation of proposals for meeting agendas with representatives of public and private sector institutions, both nationally and internationally via our commercial economic sections abroad.

Identification of Commercial Opportunities:

The General Directorate of Economic Promotion (DPE), in coordination with the commercial economic sections of Peru abroad, carry out the identification of commercial opportunities in various markets. Within the framework of support provided to national exporters, this information is available to the entrepreneur upon request addressed to the DPE or Trade Promotion Directorate (PCO).

Support in solving trade problems:

The DPE, in coordination with national institutions involved, supports the entrepreneur in solving trade problems that have arisen before foreign authorities in the export process.


Support to the private sector through the organization of videoconferences, between Peruvian entrepreneurs and their counterparts abroad, through the Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Peru.


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Directorate for Investment Promotion

It is in charge of promoting abroad the investment projects prioritized by the government, as well as identifying potential sources of foreign investment to boost the country's growth and competitiveness.

Our services

Support to Investor Missions:

The Directorate for Investment Promotion, provides the support service for foreign investment missions, which includes the preparation of proposals for meeting agendas with representatives of public and private institutions of the sector, both nationally and internationally through our Foreign Service Bodies.

Video Conferencing:

Events organized jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Proinversión with the purpose of disseminating projects in the portfolio among the main investors in the world, without generating costs for the State, taking advantage of the network of missions that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has abroad.

Dissemination of Investment Information Material:

Distribute and send promotional material on investment opportunities and conditions in Peru through our Embassies and Consulates.

Participate in the Negotiation of Investment Agreements:

Promotion of investments through the signing of Agreements on the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments (APRIs) and the investment chapters of the FTAs.

Dissemination of Investment Opportunities:

In addition to the projects prioritized by Proinversión, this Directorate participates in the promotion of investments in the various sectors of the national economy.

Information of interest

Guides 2016-2017 (Español/Inglés/Chino/Arabe)


Directorate for Tourism Promotion

It is the area in charge of positioning Peru as an attractive and safe tourist destination within the international markets. It implements national policies on tourism promotion and contributes to better integration with other States.

Our services

Promotion and negotiation of international instruments on tourism.

The Directorate for the Promotion of Tourism promotes and negotiates the signing of bilateral or multilateral international agreements on cooperation and tourism development in coordination with the other sectors responsible for national tourism and follows up on compliance with the agreements.

Support for the participation of public and private tourism and gastronomy entities in events abroad.

Organizes, attends and coordinates the participation of Peru in events to promote tourism and gastronomy of Peru abroad, such as fairs, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, business exchanges, press conferences, among others through our Missions abroad.

Diffusion of tourist and gastronomic events abroad.

In charge of supporting and disseminating at global level, through our Missions Abroad, the initiatives of the public and private sector that are developed in Peru, such as Peru Travel Mart (PTM), Mistura, among others.

Promotion of investment and economic development of the tourism sector.

Promote and establish contacts with personalities and institutions of the international tourism field that have ancestry in the press and public opinion of their respective countries. Also, generate a positive image of Peru to do business, investments and tourism.

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